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Daily Program

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Sunday 18/03 Monday 19/03 Tuesday 20/03 Wednesday 21/03 Thursday 22/03

11:30 Welcome with Drinks / Sandwiches
12:00 Tutorial 1 - Tutors: ISFH/ECN
Understanding and Controlling Lifetime Killers in p-Type and n-Type Silicon Wafers
13:00 Tutorial 2 - Tutors: UKN/ISC
The PV c-Si Zoo: Al-BSF, PERC Solar Cells, Alternative Structures and Bifacial Configurations
14:00 Tutorial 3 - Tutors: ISE/ISFH
Physics of Passivating Contacts and High Temperature Processes: How to Get a Maximum Voltage from Your Cells
14:40 Break
15:00 Tutorial 4 - Tutors: EPFL/CSEM
As Few Steps as Possible: Low Temperature Passivating Contacts and Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
15:45 Tutorial 5 - Tutor: IMEC
Getting the Current Out: The Multiple Approaches for Metallization and Interconnection
16:30 Tutorial 6 - Tutors: CEA/CSEM
Silicon+: Approaches for Silicon-based Multi-junction Devices
17:00 Tutorial 7 - Tutors: ECN/CEA
Making it All Reliable: How to Make Modules Surviving the Worst Weathering Conditions
17:30 Welcome Reception SiliconPV

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